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Dr. Nicholas Romanov
As with any other approach to perfecting sporting endeavors, the Pose Method® remains very much a work in progress. As a scientist, a coach, and an author, I am always anxious to hear from anyone concerning their experiences with the Pose Method®. By sharing our knowledge and further refining this technique, I believe we can build an ever-larger community of happy, healthy and satisfied runners around the world.
Dr.Nicholas Romanov

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A two-time Olympic Coach, author, educator and a sport scientist with over 30 years of experience and hands on work with athletes of all levels and non-athletes, Dr.Romanov specializes in:
Member of European College of Sports Science, headquarters in Cologne, Germany.
Member of American College of Sports Medicine, headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Member of USA Track-and Field Association, headquarters in Kissimmee, Florida.
Vice-President and competitor of Florida Athletic Club, headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida.
Member of Board of Directors of Miami Runners Club, headquarters in Miami, Florida.
Philosophy Doctor of Physical Education from the Russian State Academy of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism (former State Central Institute of Physical Culture), Moscow, Russia.
Master of Science in Physical Education from the Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture, Moscow, Russia
Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from the Chuvash State Pedagogical Academy, Cheboksary, Russia
Nicholas Romanov -Winner of the Championship of the Chuvash Republic. High Jump. 1969
Nicholas Romanov -Winner of the Championship of the Chuvash Republic. High Jump. 1969

Dr. Nicholas S. Romanov was born May 25, 1951 in Novokuznetsk, Siberia, Russia to a single mother Raisa Ivanovna Romanova. Several years later the family moved to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, Kamchatka Region and when Nicholas was 8, they settled in Kanash, Chuvash Republic. At the age of 23, Romanov graduated with honors from the faculty of Physical Education of Chuvash State Pedagogical University in Cheboksary and after spending one year in the Soviet Army service (1974-75), he continued his professional career at Chuvash Pedagogical University as a teacher of Track and Field and as a coach for the University track and field team.

In 1979, he started his post graduate studies at the Central Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture in Moscow in the laboratory of the renowned Soviet Union sport scientist and coach, Professor, Vladimir Mikhailovich Diachkov. After receiving his Ph.D. in Physical Education from Russian Academy of Physical Culture and Sports in Moscow, Dr. Romanov advanced to become the Head of the Department of Sport Disciplines, Head Track and Field Coach, and senior lecturer of Sport Biomechanics, Theory and Practice of Physical Education and Sport Training, Theory and Practice of Track and Field.

Nicholas Romanov, Soviet Army circa 1974-75
Nicholas Romanov in the Soviet Army Service, circa 1974 (3rd from left)
In the mid-70s, long before coming to the United States, Romanov developed and successfully implemented with his athletes, the Pose Method®, which enhances efficiency and performance in running, jumping and throwing (track and field), as well as in swimming, cycling, gymnastics, speed skating, cross-country skiing and many other athletic events.

In the 1990's, America opened its doors to him, and with requisite initial skepticism, saw the simplicity and ingenuity of the Russian scientist's idea. Gravity and its effects on all objects were discovered long ago, however, nobody ever applied it to running. No one spoke about the physics and mechanics of running movement in those terms. Dr. Romanov successfully showed the dependency of efficiency and performance on correct technique, which uses gravity, and a new era in running began.

N.Romanov conducting his first scientific reasearch, Latent reaction of athletes to light, sound and other factors, at the Chuvash Pedagogical Institute. Circa 1971-72
N.Romanov conducting his first scientific reasearch, "Latent reaction of athletes to light, sound and other factors", at the Chuvash Pedagogical Institute.
Circa 1971-72
In 1997 Dr. Romanov released his first educational video "The Pose Method® of Running", and in 2002 he published his first book "The Pose Method® of Running", which both became the first of this kind in the running field and international bestsellers. Dr.Romanov single-handedly changed the lives of many athletes around the world and brought about the most dramatic changes to the sport of running, forever changing the way running is looked upon.

Currently Dr. Romanov conducts clinics and seminars all over the world in association with sports clubs, national governing bodies, and universities.

Dr.Romanov and the members of the Great Britain's Triathlon Team in Athens, Greece 2004
Dr.Romanov and GB Team
Athens 2004
Dr. Romanov has worked with numerous elite athletes in various sports and the members of National Teams from 4 countries: United States, Great Britain, Russia and Mexico, taking the British Triathlon National Team to 2000 Olympics in Sydney and 2004 Olympics in Athens. He also served as a member of the USA Triathlon Coaching Committee from 1996 to 2002.


Nicholas, thank you so much for introducing me to your revolutionary ideas. It takes great courage to go against the grain of conventional wisdom and to challenge the experts.
Professor Tim Noakes,
Author of Lore of Running , Cape Town University

I met Dr. Romanov in 1996 at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, where he presented a workshop on the biomechanics of running. I was quite impressed by the logical simplicity of his concepts. I have since incorporated his teaching methods into the refinement of my clients’ skills – and with excellent results. (I coach elite endurance athletes.) I have also relied on him for the development of a chapter on running skills in a book I’m currently writing (The Triathlete’s Training Bible). His technique concepts are on the cutting edge of biomechanics and have the potential to dramatically change how running is taught.

Joe Friel, M.S. author of The Triathlete's Training Bible
Former Chairman of USAT National Coaching Committee

Dr. Romanov’s “Pose Method® of Running” was exactly what my athletes needed to improve their performance. His presentation of this technique and strength conditioning exercises are unique. I found out that his training not only prepared athletes but also prevented them from injury and prolonged their participation in the sport, something that is very much desired by the Olympic Committee. Dr.Romanov’s knowledge of athletic training and unique methods of applying and teaching biomechanical relationships of movement enhanced the ability of United States top Olympic hopefuls in the sport of Modern Pentathlon to further pursue their quest for placement to the US Olympic Team.
Jan Olesinski, 1981 Pentathlon World Champion,
Director of Olympic Development Clinics For Modern Pentathlon

I’ve had a foot injury and I was supposed to get surgery. When I met Nicholas he said don’t have surgery. He saved my foot and probably my career. I’ve had no problems since.
Lisa Miller,
the former world junior 4x400m champion

It is so much fun to finally be running with knowledge instead of doubt. Thank you Nicholas for dedicating your life to finding answers us runners have all been searching for.
Debbie Savage,
2003 800m Australian National Bronze Medalist

Without Dr Romanov and the Pose Method®, I wouldn’t even be able to run; much less be on the US National Team.
David L. Kyle,
Associate Director, Health & Physical Education
The University of Alabama in Huntsville
2004 USA National Champion (PC Category)
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