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Andrea Zamboni - Agarone, Switzerland
Andrea Zamboni
Personal Pose Instructor - Click here to learn more about Personal Pose Instructors Personal Pose Instructor
Agarone, Switzerland
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  • Pose Method® Certified Running Coach Level I
  • Men’s 30-34 Age Group Winner Ironman Hawaii

Click here to read full article - Andrea Zamboni - Men’s 30-34 Age Group Winner IRONMANLIVE.COM (US)
March 14th 2005
Andrea Zamboni - Men’s 30-34 Age Group Winner by Fran Arfaras
Our Amazing Age-Group Winners are the backbone of the Ironman race and bring excitement and incredible stories of courage and determination with them. Andrea Zamboni, Locarno, Canton Ticino, Switzerland – “The race gave me the best possible gift – just to be happy.” Click to read »

In 1998 Andrea competed in his first triathlon, a 500m/ 20km/ 5km sprint, and won it!

Andrea considers running and biking his strongest abilities in triathlon, but only if the drafting is checked properly.

Two years ago Andrea decided to quit triathlon. “There was always the same problem: DRAFTING,” he said. “Each year I had a goal, but the unjust race destroyed my interest in triathlon. Lots of training and sacrifices, but for what? In the end, there was only cheating. So last year (2003), before quitting triathlon, I decided to do an Ironman – a hard triathlon where drafting doesn’t matter. This was in Wallis, Switzerland, 3.8km swim, 187km bike 42km run. After six months of training I got an intestinal virus on that weekend. It was impossible to start! So I rested for 10 days, and at the last moment (14 days later) I decided to try Ironman Switzerland in Zurich, just to see the result of my training. I won my age group (30-34).” His time was a very respectable 9:28:34 but he didn’t take the slot for Kona.

In 2004 Andrea made some changes. “For the first time in my life I hired a professional trainer, who suggested I train slowly. I also decided to improve my technique. The POSE-clinic was very important for me because it improved my running and recovery performances.

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