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...It will help you build a solid foundation and develop good training habits. It is easier to progress and succeed if you start from correct basics...
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Pose Method Certified Running Coach and Movement Specialist Lee Saxby
Lee Saxby
aka zooguru
Group Pose Instructor - Click here to learn more about Pose Clinic Instructor Pose Master Instructor
Pose Movement Specialist
London, UK
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  • Pose Method® Certified Running Coach Level IV
  • Pose Method® Certified Movement Specialist Level I
  • Technical director, Wildfitness
  • BSc (honors) Sport Science
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April 25, 2009
The barefoot marathon runner by Lloyd Bradley
... In Britain he visited Lee Saxby, a barefoot running coach, and still sounds slightly amazed as he recounts the meeting. “Lee took a video of me and 30 seconds into it said ‘That’s it, I’ve got your problem solved.’ Because I’d started wearing running shoes again my style had regressed ... Click to read »

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September 2008
Run Different by Lee Saxby
Biomechanics expert Lee Saxby was a fairly conventional running coach until he met Dr. Nicholas Romanov; then his whole outlook on running changed. Romanov, an Olympic triathlon coach, introduced Saxby to the Pose Method, a new running style favored by 2006 World Triathlon Champion Tim Don. ... Click to read »

Intro by Dr.Romanov

On June 17 2006 I met Lee Saxby at the Pose Method of Running Clinic in London. I wouldn’t say that it was very pleasant and cheerful. From the first minute of my presentation I felt a lot of resistance and a challenging attitude from him. I didn’t know why exactly it was happening, but I started to pay attention to that nice and intelligently looking man.

Soon I saw that he obviously had knowledge, and serious education in his record, which didn’t allow him to just accept the Pose Method as it is. Our quiet fighting probably dazzled the rest of the clinic participants, but since it didn’t go over emotional boundaries, it was accepted as a good content of the work we are doing.

Well, Lee’s opposition mobilized me to be more logical and forced me to bring more info in than it was planned. I wanted to give him more than to anyone in the group, a clear vision of what the Pose Method is.

I had no idea where we would end up with our sharp discussion, but I realized more and more that I want that smart man to be on my side. I felt some connection with him and deep respect for his knowledge, which I wanted to show him from a different side.

As I said many times to my colleagues and students – knowledge has no negative or positive meaning. It’s us who are giving it this or that meaning, and that’s what separates us.

The second day of the clinic was much easier, because Lee started to see what is behind the Pose Method and I started to get a visible support from him, which was quite a pleasant thing for me. We finished the course with a mutual desire to continue our relationship.

Two yeas later Lee Saxby became Level 3 Pose Method® certified coach with whom I spent a lot of time at my clinics in England and in Miami, where he came to extend his education in the Pose Method, not just in running, but in general movement as well.

We went through a wide spectrum of movement analyzing it from the Pose Method Unifying Theory of Movement and comparing it to the existing paradigms. Needless to say how much I gained from these discussions. His wide knowledge in different fields of fitness, anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, which he pooled constantly from different sources, allowed me to quickly fill up my gaps in these areas.

A year ago Lee forced me to develop and start a new course – The Pose Movement Specialist, which was based on my Unifying Theory of Movement. Just recently we did the first Pose Method General Movement Clinic and coaching certification in Oxford area in England with the support of Tara Wood, who runs her Wildfitness Program there together with Lee. Despite it being the first time (which is usually raw) the clinic have been very successful and promising.

I see now that Lee Saxby is a leading specialist in this field who can successfully educate many teachers and coaches in the UK and Europe. His deep understanding of necessities and needs, his knowledge and experience in sport and fitness education allow him to be one of the best teachers in this field and I am happy to present him as one of our first Level 4 (Grand Master) Pose Tech coaches in the UK and Europe.

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