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Pose Certified Running Coach Martha Michael
Martha Michael
Personal Pose Instructor - Click here to learn more about Personal Pose Instructors Personal Pose Instructor
Location Lemont, PA
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  • Pose Method® Certified Running Coach Level I
  • Former NCAA Division I Soccer Player
  • Recreational Triathlete
I loved to run. I loved the freedom and the feeling of being under my own power of movement. One day I was told that I should stop running because I was experiencing on-going knee pain that originated from an ACL injury many years before. Sadly, I listened to my doctor's advice and I stopped running. But then I decided that I would not give up and accept this as my fate. So, I searched and eventually was blessed by meeting an outstanding physical therapist who listened compassionately to my sad story and then asked me to run down the hallway, minus my shoes. Ah, no knee pain - this must be a miracle. That barefoot run down the hallway was monumental. It was my first lesson in the Pose style of running, and I am now enjoying the freedom and feeling of being under nature's power of movement rather than my own - allowing my body to move by working with the forces of nature rather than against them.

I am now finding great joy and fulfillment teaching Pose to others so that they, too, may return to their love of running. Because many of us come to learn Pose as the result of a running injury, one of my goals as a Pose coach is to find a way to introduce Pose to runners in my community before they are injured. If we can teach children good running habits, they might avoid practicing bad running habits that often cause numerous injuries over the years. Another interest I have is integrating the Pose style of running into sports, such as soccer. Having played soccer for more than 20 years, including at the collegiate level, I can see the benefits of integrating the Pose style of movement to the sport in terms of injury prevention and adding to the flow and beauty of the game.

I am grateful to Dr. Romanov for his intelligence and for following his passion and dream of developing Pose, a running style for everyone, and I look forward to sharing with others all that I have learned and will continue to learn.


May 01, 2007
RUNNING TECHNIQUE FOR EVERYONETM: from overweight to average by Dr. Nicholas Romanov
...While we are doing this step by step, our body becomes more skillful, our muscles become stronger and as a by-product, our cardio-vascular system develops, as well... Click here to read full report »

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