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Pose Running Coach Tim Hill in Walnut Creek, CA
Tim Hill
aka timhill
Pose Instructor
Location Walnut Creek, CA
Cell: 925.457.4587
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  • Pose Method® Certified Running Coach Level III
  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • CrossFit Certified
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CoreQuest Corporation,
Contra Costa Adventure Boot Camps

Tim's focus on rehabilitation, general fitness and athletic performance deliver an unbeatable combination of skills and experience to help you reach your fitness or performance goals.

His methods of testing movement and muscle function enable Tim to pinpoint imbalances and gauge your fitness level to create a truly personalized program for you.

Early in Tim's athletic career he experienced the frustration of chronic injuries of the feet and knees. Later it was a lifting injury to the low back and impact injuries to his neck and shoulder.

His personal search for pain management and athletic performance has led him into a unique blend of skills.

As a cross-country skiing, running and cycling coach, Tim has an understanding of how technique and body mechanics can make the difference in your performance and eliminate the causes of many chronic injuries.

Coaching since 1987. Tim's athletes have medaled in many championships, including Masters Worlds, Masters Nationals, Junior Nationals and High School State Championships. Some have received college scholarships and many have achieved personal bests.

Tim began his competitive athletic career in 1971. Over the past 35 years he has had more than 200 victories in a variety of sports. While many of Tim's personal achievements have been in endurance sports, his personal experience also includes several team sports, martial arts and rock climbing

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