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Pose Running Coach Valerie Hunt - Austin, TX
Valerie Hunt
aka valerie
Master Pose Instructor
Location Austin, TX
Tel.: 512.779.2099
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  • Pose Method® Certified Running Coach Level IV
  • 2001 to present: Owner of private studio Xpressfitness
  • Fitness Director: Dell Jewish Community Center 2000
  • Director of Aerobics and strength teacher: Q, the Sports Club, 1994-1999
  • Graduate of the University of Texas in Austin 1994, B. S. Kinesiology, minor Nutrition SPECIALTY: working with runners that want to move up from the back of the pack, either you are just beginning to run or have run for a while and want to take the next step - all ages and fitness levels welcome.

After 10 years of lifting weights and teaching aerobics I started running in 1994, signing up for every 5K and 10K I could find! I also started a continuous cycle of shin splints and hamstring pulls that I thought were integral to becoming a better runner. Since I had started my fitness career in the mid 80's I was still in the 'no pain, no gain' mindset and ran through all of my injuries. Fortunately, I found out about Pose Method® with Dr. Romanov. I have been injury free since I switched to Pose over a year ago. I became such a Pose enthusiast that I decided to continue my education with Dr. Romanov and recently became a Level 1 coach, with goals to complete all the way to level 3.

To really learn Pose Method® there is a need for hip strengthening exercises and skill practice using the drills. Luckily, I have a studio where I am able to help clients develop the strength and skill for all of their activities, including running. Xpressfitness offers functional training using balls, bands, core boards, body weight exercises and free weights along with indoor and outdoor cardio. I teach Pose at an outdoor track, complete with videotaping participants so they can monitor their progress. Check out my schedule or contact me at

I have encouraged many clients through their first 5K or triathlon and have seen great improvements, especially my runners. My clients range in age from 19-80 and include top age group finishers as well as a 75 year old with emphysema who has completed 2 marathons and 2 century bike rides!

I am fortunate to have found Dr. Romanov and Pose Method® so I can teach my clients and anyone interested in learning how to keep running injury free!

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