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March 28, 2006

I know that this topic is very sensitive and I have to come up with something helpful for people who are stuck between their desires to lose weight through running and not being able to run. This is a vicious circle for many people who got into this unpleasant situation. Is it possible to overcome this kind of obstacle? My answer is "Yes", but you have to go through some restrictions and discipline in your life. What we'll talk about is a common sense level, but it requires your commitment and mental focus.

The body weight loss is a by- product of energy expenditure and recovery, that is energy balance. When we move (run), we spend energy, but then we eat and the amount of energy received from food could be higher than what we spent and we gain back what we lost. So, we either have to run more or to eat less.

The first alternative - to run more, looks good, if you can run more. With an extra weight in your package running more doesn't look enticing, as you know from your own experience. Lack of muscle strength, stamina and skill of movement (technique) would stop your desire to lose weight in your first attempt. Your muscles wouldn't be able to handle overloading, your heart rate and breath will go crazy and your body's joints, ligaments and tendons will cringe in pain. So, don't mess with this!

The second alternative is to eat less. Theoretically speaking, it looks possible until you actually get into this "action". Most people couldn't tolerate this kind of psychological and mental stress of fighting with their own body, when even temporary success doesn't last long. So, there we are again, at the beginning of our endeavor.

Do we have a chance of getting out from this vicious cycle? What are we supposed to do? What could the Pose Method offer here? OK, first things first - please, do not be concerned with losing body weight. It should be the last thing in your list of concerns. The major concern and the real one is how to learn the skill of movement. The Pose Method of running is based on the concept of skill development and we learn just how to execute one single step at a time in order to be able to extend this to any desirable length.

In order to learn the Pose Method you have to develop your ability to interact with the ground with your body weight and use your body weight to move yourself forward. During one single step, during falling forward on support, you have to manage to pull your own foot from the ground and to not push your heavy body up and forward. This is a beneficial method for obese people, because it immediately reduces load on your joints, tendons and ligaments. Having a bigger body weight however doesn't give you an advantage of falling forward faster. It is just simple physics - we are all (no matter our size) falling with the same rate of gravitational pull and accelerate downward with 9.81m/sē.

So, you have to learn to do several single steps right, before your breathing and heart rate go crazy. You'll learn to control your movement and your condition, and you'll be able to repeat this many times and spend more energy. With small increments of reps and length of distance, while learning the Pose technique, you can progress with your ability to run more. When you get to the next level of running without pain, or psychological and mental discomfort, your body will gratefully accept this. The next thing, which will happen by itself, will be: your body will start losing weight, without any special effort on your side. It is important to keep your mind out of this concern, because the effect will be quite the opposite. The more you get concerned about losing weight, the more your body will try to keep it at any cost.

Therefore, your mental and psycho-emotional focus should be on something not related to your body weight, and this is your skill of movement. When you are working on this you are building your muscle system and stamina and you train your mental focus to be on the skill of movement. Alongside with that your disciplined body and mind will adapt to the necessity to be disciplined about food, too. By- product of this development will be body weight loss.

The Pose Method allows you to accomplish many tasks at once, when you learn to run right. It is an efficient system, but it is not an overnight miracle. It is a process, and you have to invest your time and efforts to keep your focus on learning. Nothing is free in our life. You have to earn your freedom of movement by teaching your body to move right. The Pose Method is the best and most efficient tool for this.



What is your problem restricting your ability able to walk any distance? Are you injured, overweight, heart problem... or all of them? It is impossible to advice you without some initial info.

Posted by: DrRomanov at April 11, 2006 07:25 PM


Posted by: FREDERICK at April 11, 2006 11:36 AM
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