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October 23, 2007

Most runners always try to find ways to improve. Very often, they receive misguided advice and the time & effort go to waste.

In this article, we'd like to offer you 5 simple initial steps to becoming a better runner. Adhering to these simple guidelines will eliminate half the unnecessary work commonly done as well as minimize chances of injuries. Start here to ensure your success.

1. YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO RUN. The strangest anomaly of sports - while the technique in other sports is normally taught, running technique is assumed to be "natural" or "god given". That is one HUGE mistake that brought on an avalanche of injuries and decades of suffering. Sounds dramatic? The payback is indeed dramatic. But if you manage to accept that you have to learn how to run and do it - the rewards will surpass your expectations!

2. STICK TO ONE WAY OF RUNNING. There was a time when there was no particular running technique discussed. There were various books, thoughts on running, training plans and recommendations on running form, etc. These days there is a number of running styles taught. For best results, we recommend selecting a style that appeals to you and makes sense to you, and then stick with it. Selecting parts of one running style and mixing and matching it with various other styles and recommendations is counterproductive and can lead to injuries. For example, if you choose to learn the Pose Method of Running, we recommend to follow the instructions without altering the method. There is a Beginner's Guide offered.

3. TAKE YOUR TIME LEARNING. There is no sense in doing something if you haven't got the slightest idea of how to do it. Putting in volumes of wrong movement will simply lead to injuries. A required hiatus in your running routine wouldn't be as much of a set back as injuries would be.

4. FOCUS ON DEVELOPING YOUR SKILL OF RUNNING. Until one knows how to act and actually has a speaking role in a movie, nobody will dream of winning an Oscar. Get busy developing your skill of running and set your goals of winning marathons for later. Have your priorities in the right order to achieve maximum success. It would definitely help to keep in mind that much desired things like faster speed and injury free running are the byproducts of a supremely developed skill of running.

5. KEEP TRAINING SESSIONS SHORT, BUT TRAIN REGULARLY. One of the biggest mistakes made is overloading on training. You will achieve better results if you approach your training as a system where you take things step by step but on regular basis. Click here for Dr.Romanov's sample training routine for runners.

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