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March 11, 2008

Dorsiflexion is a common occurrence and it is not clear for many whether dorsiflexion is good or bad in relation to running.

From the Pose Method point of view dorsiflexion is not good and it does not produce any benefits in running. Dr. Romanov considers it a BAD HABIT that needs to be corrected, "dorsiflexion is a foot movement upward produced by the activity of the front part of shin muscles...We see it often in heel striking runners as a preparation for landing on the ground. By this movement the runner's heel becomes a leading part of the foot during landing. This activity allows one to get a more rigid foot position on the support. So it is supposed to be a good thing, if the foot is rigid and the heel is striking the ground. But from medical reports and our own experience we know that it is the opposite." (Dorsiflexion).

Any bad habit can be dropped if you set your mind to it. Following the recommendations below will help you succeed.
  • CHANGE HOW YOU LAND - LAND ON THE BALL OF YOUR FOOT. Change the way your feet land when running. Land on the ball of the foot or forefoot. Do not land on the heel. You have to stay focused on this, until it becomes second nature. This step alone will help you a lot. But you need to continue working on this. Various beginner level Pose running drills can help with this too.
  • STABILIZE LANDING ON THE BALL OF THE FOOT. Now that you've made a significant change for the better, you need to maintain it by providing stability. The easiest way to do this is to perform various jump exercises. A simple exercise of jumping rope offers an amazing array of benefits, like stronger and healthier feet, while helping to engrave the ball of the foot landing.
  • DO DORSIFLEXION EXERCISES TO REDUCE DORSIFLEXION OF THE FEET. Work on developing strength of the front group of shin muscles such as tibialis anterior by doing dorsiflexion exercises with different kinds of resistance: your partner's, rubber bands, and free weights. The paradox is that these exercises work remarkably well for reducing dorsiflexion of the feet.
Article by Dr. Nicholas Romanov
Composed by L. Romanov

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