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Sports Education Info-site from a 2-time Olympic Coach, Sports Scientist & Author Dr.Nicholas Romanov [More Info >]

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BBC's Tomorrow's World
May, 2002
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POSE Method promises to conserve maximum energy while going as fast as you can.
December, 2004
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Many elite runners in the world favor a special running method
Get fit campaign.

August 12, 2004
Britain on the move. Pose walking.
September 18, 2002
The Sports You Do Show with Mike Reilly
October, 2004
Save your knees! Learn to run better...
September, 2003
MEN'S FITNESS (UK), September, 2003
Make running easier!
February, 2004
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: Volume 36(2) February 2004
Pose reduced impact to the knee by 50 percent! Nothing else does it!
220 triathlon
April, 2003
220 triathlon
Revolutionary way to run faster… now!
January, 2003
Work Out Like The Stars
Work out like the stars!
September, 2004
Poses of Champions - NEWSWEEK
Poses of Champions

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  • Simplify learning the technique of your sport
  • Easily identify technique errors that lead to injuries and poor performance
  • Confidently use effective drills and exercises to correct the errors in technique
  • Prevent potential injuries with better body positioning
  • Achieve better performance and better results
  • Ensure stable progress with a methodical approach
Pose Method of Running DVD and Book You didn't think it was possible - but IT IS POSSIBLE!
You didn't think you could - but YOU CAN!


Thousands of runners around the world have learned Pose Method® of Running and it changed their lives. They no longer get injuried, they've improved their speed and are enjoying running every day! And so can you!

Whether you run to win, stay in shape or to relieve stress, Pose Method® of Running is for you! Regardless of the level at which you run, the Pose Method® will help you. Used by professional athletes, it is invaluable to any runner, from recreational to keen amateur, and from the sprinter to the marathoner.

The Pose method is a simple and comprehensive biomechanical model which eliminates injuries and enables every runner from novice to elite to fully utilize their physiological potential.

Graham Fletcher,
Former British triathlon National Team Coach

What can an average runner expect after studying Pose Method® of Running Technique?

Radically improved form · Increased speed · Better endurance · Less injuries · Increased flexibility · Faster recovery time · Improved concentration

Millions of runners around the world are plagued by various running injuries which lead to doctor visits and in some extreme cases to surgeries the outcome of which is not always what was expected.

Everybody from the sales people to doctors is telling you to get "better" running shoes with cushioning and support, orthotics and other various artificial things to help you run better, to help you reduce injuries.

Do you really think you need a pair of cushioned running shoes or orthotics to run better?

If you're bothered by shin splints, plantar fascitis, IT Band and other knee problems, achilles tendonitis, hip problems or any other problems that commonly happen to runners or if you would like to simply learn to run better and faster and prevent these injuries from happening

- we invite you to find out more about Pose Method® of Running.

After all - what do you have to loose? Just the running related problems and running injuries!

Pose Method® Of Running offers a solution to your running related problems. Learn more about it!

All the information on the Pose Method® of Running is available for free on our website.
Available materials and solutions:
  • Pose Tech Online Open Forum
    Where the POSE community meets. Join discussions, post questions, offer answers. Share knowledge. The best forum on running and running related problems/injuries available online!
  • Online Library
    A free collection of articles on the Pose Method® and running in general.
  • Pose Method Running Clinics
    Learn to run better and faster under Dr.Romanov's guidance. Clinics are offered all over the world. Visit the Clinics' Schedule Page to find out dates and cities.
  • Pose Method® Book and DVD
    The Pose Method theory is explained in detail and many running prolems are discussed in this book to help you learn and understand. The book and dvd also offer you various running drills and exclusive exercises to make you a better runner and a stronger athlete.

Santa Barbara Athletic Association
...Romanov's book is an excellent source of clearly explained, specific, testable, and pragmatic instruction on running form.
220 triathlon Magazine
Radically change your form, eliminate injuries, enhance endurance, raise speed…

POSE METHOD® - The Revolutionary way to run faster… now!

As certain forces exist in water for swimmers, so specific forces are experienced during running: gravity, ground reaction force, muscle elasticity, inertia and muscle contractility (the ability of your muscle to contract). The most effective combination of these forces is found in the pose method of running designed by Dr Romanov.

"The unusual running technique brings improved results to runners of any type: sprinters, long distance runners as well as skiers and skaters."
Men's Fitness
"Make running easier: with this unique 'pose running' technique, you'll learn to actually enjoy your fat-burning sessions"

“His unique approach to training has helped me get into the best shape I've been in for years. It's obvious he really knows what he's talking about. I've been, able to get much stronger without using weights, I was borderline high blood pressure when I used to work out with another trainer. Nicholas gives me pointers on nutrition and other things to do when I'm not exercising. My blood pressure is down and I haven't felt this good in a long time.”
Phil Wolman,
president of For Eyes
"Dear Dr. Romanov, During that week of learning how to run correctly I was able to stop using my knee brace which I had been wearing for 10 years. Today I ran 5K during lunch, no knee pain, no problems, and the best time I have had for 5K in over 6 months. Thank you so much! I feel like I have a new start at running now due to your fine program, and you can be sure that I will be attending a running seminar as soon as possible. Thank you again."
Best Regards, Eric Bronson

"Dr. Romanov, I wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. I was plagued with a chronic knee problem for nearly 7 months. I was evaluated by many specialists without any solutions. After practicing the Pose technique and running for about 1 week, my knee no longer bothers me. In fact, I have no discomfort at all! Prior to the technique I could only run about 1/2 miles before I had to stop due to pain, now I am running 5+ miles with absolutly no knee problems."
Thanks again!!! Sincerely,
Daniel Skinner

"Svetlana and Nicholas, I wanted to thank you both for a wonderful clinic. I had a fantastic time, and I learned quite a bit. It was a great experience, and I am looking forward to practicing.

Nicholas - thank you so much for all your help and your suggestions. I really feel I have improved tremendously. One point I did not have the chance to discuss with you, is my appreciation for the scientific basis for your method. My degree is in mechanical engineering and I continuously could see the physics behind the method. I would love to help schedule the next Chicago clinic. I am already telling all my friends how terrific it was. Also, Jennifer and I are both interested in becoming certified coaches. I would love to discuss it further with you when you have time. Thanks again, I hope to see you soon."
Regards, Keith Norsym

"Svetlana and Dr. Romonov, I took your clinic in Woodstock November last year. I was recovering from an IT band problem that wouldn't go away. Just wanted to let you know that I have recovered and ran a PR in a half marathon in December. I'm training for my first Marathon in NYC on Mar 21."

"I am so appreciative for you introducing me to the Pose Method - it has truly transformed me (no overstatement, honestly) - I never would have been able to compete in my second tri if I hadn't gone to see Dr. Nicholas Romanov."
Danielle Sepulveda

"Hello to all at Pose Tech! Nic, Connie and Graham all made a huge impact on my life, by patiently and professionally teaching and coaching me in the life-changing technique of "Pose-Running"!

Having been born with knee caps that twist inwards and cartilage that has been worn down to nothing, I had to give up cycling and running at the age of 25. After enduring a further 11 years of awful pain in both knees, I finally submitted to having knee surgery in February 2002....something I now regret, as it simply made my condition worse! Professor Tim Noakes of the Newlands Sports and Science Institute, recommended that I enrol in the programme being run by Dr Nicolai Romanov of Russia, regarding training in a new running style. Having nothing to loose, and hoping for a miracle cure to my now boring life, I joined up with the team, and began an interesting, and highly profesional training schedule.

I took to the new style immediately, and have found that, not only do I have no pain or stress on my knees, but that my running times have already improved. I am what you would call a "casual" runner...around the block a couple of times a week...and working towards being able to run another 10km soon. My old time for a 10 km was 54minutes and my 4km time trial on average, was 22 minutes. I am now running a 20 minute 4km, and shall report back as soon as I have completed a 10 km. (Unfortunately a little Op for Cancer was performed in October 2002, so that kept me off the tar for a while ...)

Am extremely grateful to all of you at Pose Tech, for giving me a NEW LEASE ON LIFE....I truly do wish you all the best with the inovative technique....and it is so true what Dr Romanov said "One has training and lessons for all other sports, however we wake up one day, throw a pair of takkies/sneakers on and expect to be able to run withouth causing any injury and with absolutely no knowledge of style or technique". BRAVO to Pose Tech...I hope to be a true, living example of what your POSE style can do for people out there...whether they have present injuries or wish to avoid picking them up. All the best and keep in touch.... "
Joanne Philp
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Click here to learn more about Joe Friel! “I've used the Pose Method™ with athletes I coach and have had great success in improving their running performances. Compared with running more miles or doing intervals, this is the quickest way for most runners to get faster. Mastering the Pose Method is like gaining free speed.
Joe Friel, M.S. author of triathlete's training Bible™
Former Chairman of USAT National Coaching Committee

I became Age Group Worldchampion at Ironman Hawaii thanks to an incredible 3.02 marathon. After Pose clinic, I was 12 seconds faster per km, and what is more important without any legpain anymore!
Andrea Zamboni,
Age Group Worldchampion Ironman Hawaii 2004

Tim Don - 2002 World Duathlon Champion The Pose Method of running (developed by Dr. Romanov) has been fundamental to increasing my speed.
Tim Don,
2002 World Duathlon Champion, British triathlon National Team member

Mark Allen - six-time Hawaii Ironman winner (Pose Method) you a checklist of things you can think about to run better.
Mark Allen,
six-time Hawaii Ironman winner

Andrew Johns This technique (Pose Method) has cut three seconds off my 400m times and up to a couple minutes off my half-marathon times!
Andrew Johns,
Olympic triathlete, placed 3rd in the 2002 Cancun ITU triathlon World Championships

Professor Tim Noakes Pose reduced impact to the knee by 50%. Nothing else does this!
Professor Tim Noakes,
Author of Lore of Running, Cape Town University

Jan Olesinski I found out that Dr.Romanov's training not only prepared athletes but also prevented them from injury...
Jan Olesinski,
Director of Olympic Development Clinics For Modern Pentathlon

Professor Vadim Balsevich I can tell you that this is one of the best methods in the world. Such body positioning makes the running more economical.
Professor Vadim Balsevich,
Doctor of Biological Sciences, chief researcher of the Problem Laboratory of the Russian state University of Physical Culture

Jürgen Zäck German triathlon Champion ...My legs seem to move faster and easier, I improved my result for 11 miles almost by two minutes!
Jürgen Zäck,
2nd placed Hawaii Ironman winner

Graeme Maw ...Working with Romanov has helped British athletes to improve. A.Johns certainly runs faster than he used to.
Graeme Maw,
performance director
British triathlon Association

George Dallam ...This Pose Method is something that has been tremendously valuable to me personally, to our team and is definitely the clearest, simplest way to teach an athlete to run efficiently.
George Dallam,
former Head Coach
USA triathlon National Team

Graham Fletcher The Pose Method® eliminates injuries and enables every runner from novice to elite to fully utilize their physiological potential.
Graham Fletcher,
Former British triathlon National Team Coach
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